Community Policing Project in Strengthening Rule of law




Under the UNDP funded Rule of Law program, HUJRA is initiating the Community Policing

project in four districts of Malakand Division including Swat, Shangla, Buner and Malakand Agency.

Community policing is a policing philosophy and an organizational strategy that focuses on the development

of a collaborative partnership between community and the police to proactively address the root-causes of

crime and disorder in the society. By implementing community policing, both the police and the community

share enhanced responsibility, develop police-public partnership and effective coordination among other

relevant government department to enhanced trust and minimize the crimes and social disputes.

In order to achieve this gigantic objective, strong support and coordination of police department is

required at all levels.  For smooth implementation of the project activities with organized manner, the

concept of Community Policing Forums (CPFs) will be introduced in all four districts.



Launching Ceremony in Swat,Buner,Malakand and Shangle


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