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  • Medical Camp for the IDPs of North Waziristan Agency

    Medical Camp for the IDPs of North Waziristan Agency

    On June 15, the Govt of Pakistan (GoP) launched a large-scale military operation targeting militant groups in NWA. The GoP officially announced NWA a conflict zone on June 19, enabling people to register as IDPs. As of June 24, increased fighting had displaced more than 456,500 people from NWA.

    According to DSR (Daily Situation Report) by PDMA/PaRRSA issued on 6th July 2014, total 62,251 families equals to 7,86,107 individuals have been displaced and registered by FDMA[1]. These includes fresh displacement between 3-7 July Out of this, 2,11,025 (27%) are men; 2,36,254 (30%) are women and 3,38,828 (43%) are children. Both women and children sums up as 73% of total displaced population.

    The majority of the displaced families are residing in Bannu district, with others moving to Hangu, Lakki Marwat, Karak, Dera Ismail Khan, Charsadda, Tank and Kohat districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, as well as to other parts of the country.[2]


    With overall relief initiative Health services plays a very crucial part in every emergency response. With the influx of huge population of IDPS to a host area, non access to clean water and vulnerability to diseases increase the need for medical services. The majority of the population does not have the resources to approach and receive such services. HUJRA responded to this tragic situation and planned a series of free medical camps beginning on 12th July 2014 in Union Councils Daood Shah, Mamashkhel and Jehangiri of District Bannu.

    To address immediate health concerns and provide health relief to the IDPS, HUJRA initiate a process of collecting medicines for the free medical camps. The social sector organization, doctor community, community activists and general public were informed about the initiative, so who ever want to contribute to the cause can contact the focal person at HUJRA office Swat and can contribute their part in the form of medicines.

    The message was well disseminated and the community participated very well. The medicines were collected by the focal person at HUJRA office. The nominated staff sorted the medicines in various genres e.g antibiotics, analgesic, vitamins and pack to dispatch to Medical Camp at district Bannu.

    At the same time another team visit district Bannu to finalize all arrangements required to conduct the camp and to discuss with the local Govt. representatives and local medical officials about their service at the medical camps. They appreciated the idea and agreed to provide services.


    Camp Objectives

    The Medical Camps were organized with the specific objective of providing free medical examination/check-up and medicines to the IDPs of North Waziristan Agency.

    • To provide medical service and consultation to the IDPs
    • To provide quality medicines and antibiotics etc
    • To determine the percentage of most common diseases among the IDPs and assess their most pressing medical needs


    Location and Duration

    The camps covered three UCs (Daood Shah, Mamashkhel and Jehangiri of District Bannu) and reached about 276 IDPs families in the area.

    Camp 1

    Union Council Mamashkhel
    Village Dheri
    Venue Hujra Mali Shah Tehsildar
    Time Duration 9 AM to 1:20 PM


    Lady Dr.


    Support Staff



    Camp 2

    Union Council Daood Shah
    Village Haji Golaan
    Venue BHU Daood Shah
    Time Duration 9 AM to 1:20 PM




    Support Staff



    Camp 3

    Union Council Jehangiri
    Village Jehangiri
    Venue BHU Jehangiri
    Time Duration 7 AM to 1:30 PM


    Lady Nurse


    Support Staff




    Beneficiaries Treated

    The total numbers of beneficiaries who were treated are 276, in which 115 were male and 161 were female.

    The activity was divided into 3 steps, mentioned below:

    • Tokens/Slips

    For incoming patient the token were prepared and distributed on which their basic information was recorded.

    • Doctor’s Check up

    After the token distribution the patients were examine by the doctors and medicines were advised.

    • Medicine handing over

    In the last steps prescribed medicines were handed over by the paramedics/support staff to the patients with instruction given by the doctors.

    Beneficiaries Treated

    S. no


    Patients treated





    BHU UC Daood Shah




     15 July 14


    BHU UC Jehangiri




     17 July 14


    Hujra Mali Shah Tehsildar UC Mamashkhel




     12 July 14






    Diseases Observed:

    The major diseases observed were Cough, Temperature, Weakness, Diarrhea, Hypertension, Nausea, Sun stroke.

    Doctors Participated:

    S. No

    Designation Number


    Doctor 5


    Lady Doctor 1


    LHV 1


    Paramedics 8


    Volunteer 12

    The doctors who participated in all the three camps were:

    1. Dr. Faiz Ur Rehman Shah     MBBS
    2. Dr. Neelam Jabeen                MBBS
    3. Dr. Mazher Ali Khan             MBBS
    4. Dr. Afrasyab shah                 MBBS
    5. Dr. Nadeem Ghori                 MBBS
    6. Dr. Ahsan Adil                       MBBS
    7. Miss Yasmeen                        LHV

    All the doctors are working in “Khalifa Hazret Nawaz Hospital Bannu”. HUJRA is immensely grateful to Dr. Faiz Ur Rehman Shah, Neelam Jabeen, Mazher Ali Khan, Afrasyab shah, Nadeem Ghori, Ahsan Adil and Miss Yasmeen for volunteering their professional expertise.

    Local Activists

    Mr. Ahsan Ali

    Mr. Aftab Ahmad

    Mr. Iqbal Khan

    Dr. Sardar Raheem




    To conduct the Medical Camps HUJRA team had strong coordination with local authorities.  For the purpose permission was sorted from Assistant Commissioner Bannu and also necessary security support.

    During the camp, POLIO team also came and requested for providing vaccination to children. HUJRA’s representative welcome the idea and they were able to serve 17 children in the camp in BHU Daood Shah.

    Views of the People:

    The beneficiaries of medical camp were happy and satisfied with HUJRA Staff, doctors and their services. They requested HUJRA that more camps should be conducted. They also thanked the efforts and donations of medicines from the social sector organization, doctor community, community activists and general public. The people of the area ensured their fullest cooperation and help with HUJRA for developmental and relief activities.


    Future Plan:

    HUJRA planned to continue this activity to reach the thousands of people who still need medical treatment & support and access to other basic necessities of life. Future camps are planned for the other villages in Union Council Mamashkhel.


    [1] DSR PDMA Dated 06th July 2014

    [2] UNOCHA Situation report No 5 as of 3 July 2014

  • Iftar Party


    Iftar Party yesterday evening was more exciting than any other day. In celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan; as HUJRA Management hosted an iftar party for the staff on 17th July 2014.  The iftar party received an overwhelming response because the grand iftar party was specially organized as a farewell for Mr.Qadir Jilani Sb ex.Programme Manager HUJRA. Staff from field offices also participated in this event at head office. All the attendance enjoyed the evening and delicious dishes.Mr. Qadir Jilani appreciates the felling and efforts of the staff and said that it added a memorable moment in his time and stay at HUJRA.

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