Tender Notice

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Tender  Dec 2014-03

For download the Tender Documents please click this link


Vacancy Announcement

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Peace Walk for show solidarity with grieved families

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A Peace Walk under REAT Project has been organized on 18 Dec, 2014 in condemnation and to show solidarity with the grieved families of Peshawar (more…)

REAT Project

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A Peace Walk under REAT Project in condemnation of Peshawar Attack .

REAT Project

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“REAT Swat HRDs in 2nd REAT Network Awards”

Public Outreach through Seminar at Jehanzeb College.

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A seminar was arranged for the Public Outreach under the project “Rights of Expression, Assembly, Association and Thought (REAT)” at Jehanzed College

School Rehabilitation through Construction of Addition Class Rooms funded by UNCHR-RAHA

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Project Brief
Donor: UNHCR
Duration: 15th August’14 to 31st December’14
Target Areas: District Lower Dir
Target Schools: 3 (GPS-Ajju, GPS-Kalomanai, GGPS-Dabb)
Current Status: Ongoing
• Construction of additional classrooms in target schools
• To decrease the current number of students per classroom from more than 100 per classroom, due to presence of Afghan refugees to around 50 (standard number is 40)
Outcomes and Objectives:
• To improve the infrastructure of the schools
• To provide quality education to the community affected by presence Afghan refugees
• To provide enough space to students and encourage them
• Projects benefiting host and displaced communities implemented
• New additional classrooms constructed providing enough space to local and Afghan students
• Restoration of social services & infrastructure
• Improved social protection for co- existing Pakistanis and Afghan communities
The proposed activities under these outputs are:
Construction of additional classrooms in the target schools of L-Dir in a manner;
1. One additional classroom in GGPS-Dabb
2. Two additional classroom in GPS-Kalomanai
3. Four additional classroom in GPS-Ajju

(MOU) sign Between HUJRA & University of Swat.

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Signing of “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) Between HUJRA Organization & Department of Law & Sharia, University of Swat.

MOU has signed between HUJRA Organization and Department of Law & Sharia, University of Swat on Nov 19th, 2014 at University of Swat. Salim Ahmad (E.D, HUJRA) and Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad signed the MOU for the purpose to develop collaboration between HUJRA and University of swat regarding researches and under UNDP Rule of Law Program, Law & Sharia Department University of Swat help in identification of deserving female law students and graduates for scholarships and apprenticeships.

mou 1

mou 2

Meeting with Community Focal Persons to Mobilize for Legal Aid Activities:

Meeting was held on 15 and 16 Nov, 2014 at HUJRA Head Office with male and female community
members regarding mobilization for legal aid activities. The objective of the meeting was

    To orient community focal persons/ Paralegals on Strengthening Rule of Law.
    To mobilize community focal persons/ paralegals on legal aid activities and procedures.
    To define and discuss the role of community focal persons in SRLM Project.
    To discuss about further improvements in legal aid activities at community level.
    To aware the community focal persons regarding fundamental rights of citizens and laws.

mou 3

mou 4

Legal Aid Clinic
Combine male and female legal aid clinic was conducted at Post Graduate Jehanzeb College Saidu Sharif Swat. The objective of the clinic was
• To orient the students and professors on Strengthening Rule of Law Project.
• To create awareness among the students regarding fundamental rights, Law and kind of laws with examples.
• To provide on spot legal consultations

WFP Kalam Project Activities

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Village Name: ARYANI BELA
Size of Scheme: 6000 cft
Number of Participants engaged: 75
NFI’s Utilized: 84 Bags cement

1wfp kalam 14-11-2014

Other Activities

2wfp kalam 14-11-2014

WFP FATA Project Activities

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The physical work of schemes started after the formal approval and go ahead by the WFP Peshawar Office. Following steps were followed during the implementation of physical work,

  • Identified participants for activities
  • Participants were assigned task according to work norms
  • VDC selected one person for every activity to look after the participants and maintain their daily attendance
  • Monitoring of the assigned tasks
  • A formal Terms of Partnerships was signed between VDC and HUJRA.

wfp fata 14-11-2014